Tips for Celebrating Halloween During COVID-19
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Tips for Celebrating Halloween During COVID-19

Oct. 17, 2020, 12:11 a.m.

Halloween costumes during COVID

As we come upon the 2020 holiday season, many people are saddened that Halloween will look very different this year. What's worse: we finally got Halloween on the PERFECT DAY! It falls on a Saturday during a Full/Blood/Blue Moon.

We know Coronavirus sucks, but that doesn't mean you can't still have some Halloween fun.

Today we'll discuss:

How to Create a Costume for Virtual Meetings

With many people teleworking and using collaboration tools like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams, it's easier than ever to partake in some Halloween festivities.

There are really 3 essential things to remember for a telework style cosplay:

  1. Video settings
  2. Pay attention to shoulders and up
  3. Use backgrounds

#1 - Check Your Video Settings

You get to turn your video on or off. Make sure your current profile photo is work appropriate for any big last-minute meetings you have. The last thing you want is for the CEO to see your profile image with you dressed as Bozo the Clown.

When you have more laid-back meetings with your team, you can easily switch on your camera and show off your costume.

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POV: you're in my zoom class waiting for the moment I collapse from wearing a fur coat and black turtleneck in 105° heat . . . #daytwo #dressingupasafictionalcharacterbecauseihatezoomclasses #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplaycommunity #gameofthrones #zoomcosplay #closetcosplay got #gotcosplay #gameofthronescosplay #sansastark #sansastarkcosplay #sansastarkcostume

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#2 - Shoulders & Up

Your costume only has to be shoulder and above. Don't go above and beyond with a full-body costume.

All you need is a shirt or jacket, hat, mask, makeup, or jewelry to show off your Halloween spirit during a virtual meeting.

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In honor of virtual #dragoncon2020 this weekend, I taught my Emory online class as Obi-Wan Kenobi. My students requested that I say "Hello there." #zoomcosplay

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#3 - Backgrounds

Use a background to amplify your costume.

Zoom does a great job of putting a virtual background around people. With backgrounds, you can set an ambiance that makes it obvious what your costume is.

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But what about celebrating Halloween itself? Don't worry, we have suggestions for that too.

Tips for Celebrating Halloween During COVID

But what about celebrating Halloween itself? Don't worry, we have suggestions for that too.

Since in-person Halloween Parties may not be the best idea, try hosting a Halloween Zoom Party! It may not sound as exciting, but you can set a theme, recommend some special mix drinks, and prepare some spooky zoom games.

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Akatsuki Zoom Meeting Screenshot Taken By: Me 💻 Konan: @kristinakamstra Deidara: Me Sasori: Sigma Itachi: @radiant_rose_2019 Tobi: @icemantuck 💻 What do you do when you can't meet up at conventions?? You Zoom, of course! The friendos and I all got into our Akatsuki cosplays for a fun Zoom meeting to just hang out for a bit...or like 5 hours! It was so fun and very much needed! Hidan isn't pictured because he was fashionably late making sacrifices to Jashin, but it was so great to see and talk to my friends for a while! 💻 #narutoshippuden #narutoakatsuki #konannaruto #deidaranaruto #sasorinaruto #itachinaruto #tobinaruto #konancosplay #deidaracosplay #sasoricosplay #itachicosplay #tobicosplay #animecosplay #michigancosplayer #zoomcosplay

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It's all the fun of a Halloween Party without having to leave your house or clean up after. Some friends of mine had a Star Trek/Space Characters party during the virtual Dragon Con. All the drinks we made were Star Trek and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy themed.

Tips for Trick-or-Treating During Coronavirus

You can't blame kids for wanting to go trick or treating, especially given that they won't have to get to bed early for school the next day. You can still partake in the traditional festivities with some social distancing practices.

For those taking trick or treaters around the neighborhood, be sure to have everyone masked. If you are creative, you can even incorporate masks into your costume, like a ninja!

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Our kunoichi costume (Kaede mk) arrived to Japan! Yay #ninja #kunoichi #ninjacostume #cosplay #cosplaycraft #etsy

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Or a doctor costume!

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Dr. Kenzie at her 4 year check up this morning! She is in the 90% for height and took her shots like a champ! It’s such a pleasure watching this girl grow 👩‍⚕️🩺❤️ #DrKenzie #doctorcostume #thisis4 #4yearcheckup

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But also follow some basic social distancing practices.

For those handing out candy, be creative.

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LOOK IT! LOOK IT! I love Halloween! #candyzipline #halloween #wherearethetrickortreaters #ourstreetisdead...literally

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Those handing out candy should also wear a mask, use hand sanitizer often, and disinfect any part of your candy delivery system that people touch.

How to Have a COVID Safe Halloween

Whatever you decide, just be safe.

We may not see a Halloween this perfect again in our lifetime, so don't let it pass by without having some fun. Be smart, stay safe, protect your neighbors, and plan ahead.

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