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Cosplay Spotlight: Cosplay ALL The Things

Nov. 20, 2020, 11:24 a.m.


Alright, how many times have you racked your brain over what costumes to wear during a convention? I mean there are only so many days in a convention and way too many great costume ideas. Today, our spotlight is on the brilliant Abbie from Austin, TX who solved that problem by just wearing all her costumes at once. I know what you’re thinking, “that isn’t possible!” Well, hold one to your britches, because this costume is about to blow your mind.

The Costume

Let’s begin with the pièce de rèsistance itself. Abbie titled it “Cosplay All the Things”.

ALL the things
Cosplay all the things

ALL the things
Back of Costume

Go ahead, try and guess all the things that make up this marvelous costume if ye be worthy!

A few of the obvious ones – which any casual con-goer should spot – include Deadpool’s signature red and black outfit, some Wolverine claws, Link’s Hyrule shield, Princess Leia’s slave skirt, and Loki’s horns. Some of the more detailed observers will note the Star Trek badge, Iron Man’s Arc Reactor, the Batman belt buckle (because that is all DC comics deserves of this masterpiece), and the Peter Quill (aka Starlord) Walkman.

There is even a nod to the infamous Marriott Carpet (Rest in Piece) for those of you DragonConers out there. Don’t worry, there are A BUNCH more that even we have yet to spot.

In total, Abbie recalls this being a combination of 42 different costume parts to make the ultimate cosplay that only a few could ever hope to rival.

Now that we have had a chance to marvel at this costume, let’s get to know a little more about the designer and her inspiration.

Meet the Creator

MyCosBuilder: Abbie, first off, kudos on a spectacular costume! Tell us a little bit about how you got into cosplay?

ABBIE: I was invited to DragonCon with some friends. I had never been to a con before, but I was totally game, and I decided to bring a costume for every day. They were basic—some old Halloween costumes, some wig + regular clothes that I could claim was something semi-recognizable—but they were all fun! When I realized at the con that it was not only OK, but almost expected to have daily costumes, my imagination started to run wild.

MCB: Yeah, you don’t want to be that weird guy in regular close at a convention. How serious are you when it comes to cosplay? Is this more of a hobby or something you want to get more into professionally?

ABBIE: It’s fun. If it stops being fun, it’s not worth it for me. I sometimes look at others who put so much time and talent into perfecting costumes and makeup, and I want to be that good…but then my sewing machine seizes up, I get frustrated, and realize, maybe that life isn’t for me! I’ve dragged some friends along, which sometimes makes us get too perfect, but our mantra remains “half-ass it and have fun.”

MCB: I love that. How many cosplays would you say you have done since you started?

ABBIE: Oh man…I probably started making my own Halloween costumes when I was in college, so it’s hard to say. Let’s give an average of 3 per year for at least the last eight years that I’ve been going to cons that’s about two dozen. I should make myself a list! Haha!

MCB: Wow, that is some real dedication to the cosplay right there.


MCB: You obviously have a lot of experience with cosplay and conventions now. Tell us how you came up with this idea?

ABBIE: After a few years of cons, I realized there were always the usual suspects. My friends and I would count Jayne hats (from Firefly) as a game to see how many we could spot. That made me start looking at other common costumes. Some years, there are new pervasive, popular costumes—like “relaxed fit” Thor after End Game—but regardless, you always have the tried and true –Spiderman, Deadpool, Harley Quinn. Knowing this, I thought I’d poke a little fun at it, and everyone who got it felt very “in” on the joke. I thought it would be fun to base them on the “All the Things” meme that came from Allie Brosh’s “Clean All the Things” comic in Hyperbole and a Half.

MCB: For those of you that aren’t familiar with the meme, Abbie has the image on a broomstick as part of this cosplay.

MCB: Was there anything during or after the con that you saw that made you think “dang, I could have added that!” or any things you wanted to add but couldn’t figure out how?

ABBIE: It was 42 things. I think I hit more than the high notes. Haha!

MCB: Haha, fair enough! This doesn’t seem like it was a simple costume to plan or pull off. Would you recommend others try to take on this challenge, maybe see if they can top your costume count?

ABBIE: I’d love to see someone take up the challenge! The toughest part of this was figuring out how to get in and out of it. If you are so brave:

MCB: Solid advice. When you were putting this costume together, when did you say, “I’m done, I got enough for this costume”?

ABBIE: Full disclosure, I was unemployed during that summer and BORED, so every time I got all I wanted finished, I’d just think of something else to make to keep me busy. Then as I passed 30 items, one of my friends reminded me that the answer to everything is 42, so I should shoot for 42, which in itself would be a “thing.”

MCB: Wow, a hidden Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference. Great touch! What was your favorite component out of this costume?

ABBIE: I was really happy with my Loki horns. I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I used expanding foam and carved it. It was quite an experience, but they turned out great! I’ve actually reused them for another mash-up since this when I was “Sher-Loki.”

MCB: As a special treat to everyone else out there, Abbie gave us a few in-progress shots of her costume, including a few little knick-knacks. See if you can spot them all in the full costume photos earlier in the post!

In progress
Hat in progress

Creating the headdress
In progress

Items include:

ALL the Accessories

In Closing:

I’d like to thank Abbie again for sharing her amazing costume with us. This was our first ever Cosplay Spotlight at MyCosBuilder, and we look forward to sharing many more great costumes with all you guys out there. You can check out more about this costume on Abbie’s MyCosBuilder page including her original sketches at If you have a cosplay you want us to spotlight, feel free to hit us up on social media or create a free MyCosBuilder account and show us your best cosplays!

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