Best Costumes of DragonCon 2019
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Best Costumes of DragonCon 2019

July 24, 2020, 6:05 a.m.

best dragoncon costumes 2019

If you're a nerd living anywhere in the South Eastern United States, you've definitely heard of DragonCon! If not, let us introduce you to one of the largest comic and pop culture conventions in the US the best way we know how - with cosplay!

Read on to discover the most creative, well-made, and memorable costumes from DragonCon 2019 cosplayers.

We had several ups and downs in 2019. Captain Marvel took the Marvel Comic Universe by storm. Robert Downy Jr. took his final bow as Ironman. We closed out the 40+ year Skywalker saga, and we lost the legendary Peter Mayhew (RRRWWWGG!)

2019 will forever hold a soft place in all of our hearts.

With the chaos of 2020, there is still a lot to be desired. Now that we know that DragonCon 2020 has officially been canceled, 2020 cannot end soon enough.

Our Favorite DragonCon 2019 Cosplay

Let's forget about all the craziness in the world for a moment. Instead, we're going to look back at some of DragonCon 2019's most creative costumes. Hopefully, these will inspire some AMAZING costumes when DragonCon returns in (fingers crossed) 2021.

#1 - Best Comic Book Hero Cosplay

As the first female superhero to grace the covers of DC Comics debuting in 1941, Princess Diana of Themyscira (aka Wonder Woman) takes this division hands down!

Don't you Marvel fans be hating now.

She has a Lasso of Truth, and she ain't afraid to make you admit she could take on any of those Avengers.

#2 - Out of This World Anime/Manga Cosplay

She might look innocent, but you don't want to piss her off. From the legendary Sailor Moon Manga, it's Sailor Moon!

Fighting evil by moonlight never looked so good.

#3- Most Memorable Prime Time Cartoon Cosplay

From the extremely popular Rick and Morty, our winner for the Prime Time Cartoon Division is Snowball!

Complete with an articulating head. Bow down before you puppy overlord!

#4- Most Interesting Disney Princess Cosplay

The competition for Disney Princesses is always a challenge, and we look for the twists that make the costume unique.

You won't find any princess more unique than this Princess Jasmine with a hint of Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.

Who said a princess can't be a Khal? I wouldn't tell that to her.

#5- Scariest Villain Cosplay

In the villain's division, we have a gender bender on the villain Dabi from the League of Villains on the popular My Hero Academia!

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🔥Fire burns brighter in the dark...🔥 I love a good villain 😈 They’re so much fun to cosplay, after all looking good is far better than being good 🤣! But more importantly I love getting into a baddie’s backstory and head space. The best villains are those you can relate to where that little voice in your head whispers “...I can see their point.” Who is your favorite “bad guy/gal”? . 📸: @cosplayenthusiast (A PHOTOG WIZARD?! You always make me look so good omg!!! 😍) . . . #bnha #bokunoheroacademia #bnhacosplay #bokunoheroacademiacosplay #mha #myheroacademia #mhacosplay #myheroacademiacosplay #genderbendcosplay #genderbend #leagueofvillains #dabi #dabicosplay #leaugeofvillainscosplay #dabiisatodoroki #worbla #sfxmakeup #vizshare #dragoncon #dragoncon2019 #dragoncon2019cosplay

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I love a good gender bender to break all the rules! I'm sure it won't be the last one on our list.

#6 - Most Impressive Video Game Cosplay

From Borderlands 3 released just 5 months before DragonCon, this FL4K costume is absolutely perfect!

Let's just hope the thirst for murder doesn't come with the cosplay.

#7 - Most Creative Sci-Fi Cosplay

Another fantastic gender bender take on the Zabrak Sith Lord known as Darth Maul, fresh from her trip to Exegol.

Is that a DragonCon Wayfinder?! I hear there are only 2 in existence in the galaxy far, far away.

#8 - Most Imagintivie Fantasy Cosplay

In the Fantasy Division, we have 4 dudes ready to put a spell on you. From Netflix's Sabrina, it's the gender bender Sabrina and her weird sisters Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas. Give it up for the Fearsome Foursome!

Don't be fooled by their look's gentlemen. They didn't come to cosplay. They came to slay!

#9 - The Cosplay Cross Over We Didn't Know We Needed

Uh, YES PLEASE! Are you kidding me? AMC Preacher's Jesse Custer and the Good Omens' Crowley and Aziraphale would have the wildest adventures!

You know you would watch it.

#10 - Most Inventive Mash-up Cosplay

Mash-ups are one of my favorite parts of the Con. This year, Captain Rapunzel takes the cake with this epic original Disney and… newly Disney franchise mash-up.

Good luck catching that pesky "Winter Smolder." Seriously, this is one talented cosplayer!

#11 - Cosplay After Dark

DragonCon after dark is a whole lot of fun…let's just leave it at that for now! This award goes to the Ringleader!

Thank you for inviting us?

That's all for the Best Costumes of DragonCon 2019. Congratulations to our winners, and keep on cosplaying!

Disclaimer: All our winners received unanimous decisions as "the best" because we literally had 1 judge. There were no prizes, other than Eternal Glory.

Feel free to let us know what you think of our selections, and what divisions you want to see for the next DragonCon!

Ready for DragonCon 2021?

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