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pregnancy cosplay - golden snitch

Think being pregnant means you can’t cosplay?! Think again!

That belly can be a huge asset when dressing up. Don’t believe me? Check out these 11 creative pregnancy cosplay ideas that will wow.

#1 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Because doesn’t every pregnant lady just want someone to bring her a pizza?

#2 - Up

Take your costuming game up, up, and away with this costume inspired by the Pixar movie, UP! Bonus points for …

how to choose your cosplay

So you've decided to take the plunge and create your first cosplay. Maybe you've attended some fan conventions and were jealous of the brave souls who dressed up as their favorite princess or superhero. Now you want to join them.

But how do you choose your cosplay? If you're having trouble narrowing down your costume options, then read on.

Getting Started

There are endless possibilities when choosing a cosplay, which is both exciting and a bit overwhelming. How do you even begin to pick a cosplay?

Don't worry about choosing a taller, shorter, younger character, a different body type, or …

best dragoncon costumes 2019

If you're a nerd living anywhere in the South Eastern United States, you've definitely heard of DragonCon! If not, let us introduce you to one of the largest comic and pop culture conventions in the US the best way we know how - with cosplay!

Read on to discover the most creative, well-made, and memorable costumes from DragonCon 2019 cosplayers.

We had several ups and downs in 2019. Captain Marvel took the Marvel Comic Universe by storm. Robert Downy Jr. took his final bow as Ironman. We closed out the 40+ year Skywalker saga, and we lost the legendary …

The best cosplay from My CosBuilder

My CosBuilder is a site made by cosplayers for cosplayers. Is it any surprise then that our team is obsessed with making their own costumes? We asked them to name just one cosplay - their favorite.

My CosBuilder Staff's Favorite Cosplay

Here are the costumes that our team has deemed the best.



  • Staff Member: Abbie Cataldo
  • Character: Cosplay ALL THE THINGS
  • Where I wore it: DragonCon
  • Why I love this cosplay: This costume let me mix together all my favorite genres. It challenged me because I had to make A LOT of …

how to get started in cosplay

You’re getting ready for your first cosplay…sweet! If you’re like me, you’re probably excited but feeling a bit overwhelmed.

To make your first cosplay creation easier, I’m going to go through some of the FAQs and steps that I went through to prepare for my first cosplay.

How to Get Started in Cosplay

I have good friends that always go to DragonCon, a big cosplay convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

After a few years of listening to them talk about how much fun they had, my wife and I decided to jump in with both feet, which included joining in …