Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I add my costume to the showcase?

A: All costumes show up in the showcase that are public and have at least one uploaded image. If for some reason your costume has both of these and still does not show up, let us know and we'll fix it!

Q: Why do times look weird?

A: Right now we only have one timezone on the website and that's Greenwich Mean Time (or Zulu). In the future, we will add the ability to pick your local timezone along with other user preferences. If this is an important feature to you, let us know and we'll try to get this done faster.

Q: How are Costume Costs calculated?

A: The Costume cost is a sum of all of the costume components. The site goes through each of the components of the costume and adds the component cost to the total. If there are no components or none of the components have a cost, the cost of the costume is shown as zero.

Q: How is Costume Completion Percentage calculated?

A: Costume Completion Percentage is a simple percentage of the completed components. For example, if there are four components and one is complete, the completion percentage is 25%.

Q: Are emails coming from [email protected] legitimate?

A: YES. In the future, we'll change this but for now, [email protected] is our official email address.

Q: This website is confusing!

A: Well, that's not really a question but we get it. We're building this thing from scratch and we don't always get things right on the first try. Drop us a line at any of the below social media accounts or by hitting the feedback button on the help menu.

Q: How do I create an account?

A: Simple! Just go to the signup page.

Q: How do I add a Costume?

A: Easy! Once you create an account on the signup page, simply go to the Costumes menu and click on New Costume, or simply click here.

Q: What's a Costume Component?

A: A Costume Component is any part of a costume. For example, it can be a shirt, a wig, pants, or anything else you want. For a few practical examples, check out the costumes on the Intro page.

Q: Why can't my friends see all of my conventions?

A: Only events that your friends is allowed to see are displayed on the costume page. Check the permissions on your convention to make sure they're not set to private. If it still doesn't work, let us know through the feedback button above.

Q: Why is the Google reCAPTCHA script loaded on every page?

A: We are using the reCAPTCHA v3, which is invisible to the user. Per Google's recommendation, in order to get better results (i.e. figuring out whether you're a robot or a human), we load the script on every page. We don't have any data from Google about what you do on the site via this mechanism. We do get a numeric score from Google when you login or signup. This score is a number between zero and one, with one meaning you're definitely human. For more info, see Google's reCAPTCHA page. Our use of reCAPTCHA complies with Google's terms of service and is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Q: What's with all the Amazon stuff?

A: We earn money by participating in the Amazon Affiliate program and will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase using any of these links.

Q: This FAQ is useless! My question is totally not covered here.

A: Great! We're a small startup and we're working hard to make things better every day. Drop us a line using the help button above or on our social media accounts (below) and let us know how we can improve! We're always happy to hear your feedback!!!