About Us

The Origin Story

It all started with an invitation to DragonCon and the idea for a group costume. Many cons and costumes later, the founders of MyCosBuilder noticed a common problem - they had no good way to organize and share their cosplays.

Insert lightbulb moment.

Being engineers they figured there had to a way to literally engineer a solution to this problem. And thus MyCosbuilder was born!

Meet The Founders:

Much like the superheroes they love, the founders of MyCosbuilder assume multiple identities - by day they are engineers and by night (or in their free time) they are makers who stumbled into the magical world of cosplay.

Dmitriy Plaks Image
Dmitriy Plaks
The cat herder
Travis Goodwyn Image
Travis Goodwyn
The money guy
Larkin Grant Image
Larkin Grant
The creative one (and only non-engineer)
Brooke Roberts Image
Brooke Roberts
The details guy
Robert D Image
Rob D.
Stuff N Junk
Jonathan Townley Image
Jonathan Townley
The dreamer of dreams and doer of deeds